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Allstaff Contract Services offers a wide variety of employment options. Whether you're an employee looking for special hours, or an employer looking to fill positions for specific periods, Allstaff can make a match for you.

First, we recognize that many employers are only looking to "staff-up" for short periods of time to complete a special project, fill a special order, or meet a seasonal influx. In such situations, we offer temporary workers to fill your needs. We provide the people you need at a flat hourly rate, allowing you to easily calculate your costs up front.

Secondly, we can offer persons on a temporary-to-permanent (temp to perm) basis. These situations usually involve contractual arrangements of 90 days or less, that allow you to evaluate employees for permanent hire, without being locked into a long-term employment relationship.

Third, and lastly, we can provide persons for permanent placement. These are situations where you may have a hard to fill position that you want to fill on a permanent basis. In these situations, we ask for a percentage of the person's yearly salary as a finders fee, with the stipulation that, if the person does not work out within a specified period of time, we will either find you another employee or refund a portion of your fee. (Some rates are as low as 10-15 percent)

Because Allstaff doesn't have the constraints of many franchises, we can offer extremely competitive rates in each of the above areas. Call our toll free number (800-854-4290) today for a quote.

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