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Allow us to provide you with some useful information concerning the creation and mailing of "electronic" resumes. Some companies use electronic readers that scan resumes selecting and sorting them based upon content. If you want your resume to be read and to make an impact on the reader, you should try to adhere to the following guidelines.

NAME FIRST: Always place your name first. Place additional contact information such as address, telephone and email name on a separate line, following your name.
CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORDS: Often computers search for descriptive words such as accounting, computer analyst, manager, team, quality control, etc. Use basic keywords that describe the essential characteristics required by the job such as experience, education, knowledge, skills and abilities. Maximize the use of industry jargon (buzzwords) that may be appropriate such as Systems Analyst, Information Technology, self-directed team, synergy, leadership, etc. Avoid the use of abbreviations. Above all, use common words that everyone knows.
AVOID FORMATTING: Not all mail programs support bold facing, underlining, Italics or other types of formatting. Always type/save your resume as ASCII text. In this way, you (and others) can cut and paste it into any email message and someone else will be able to read it without loading some other program (word-processor) or without having to go through the process of saving and converting an attachment.
USE A SIMPLE DESIGN: Avoid graphics, color, shading and specialized fonts. Use white space to separate the different areas of the resume. Always place a space between paragraphs. Design and create a separate resume for each job you apply for. Each job or position should have its own "jargon" and require emphasis of certain "details" pertaining to your background and experience.
KEEP IT SHORT - LESS IS MORE: Persons reviewing electronic resumes often see hundreds of resumes each day. They want to obtain as much information as they need to make a decision in the shortest time possible. Obviously, the more experience you have, the larger your resume. If you can't fit all your information onto one page, create a summary page as the front page and place more detailed information on subsequent pages if necessary.

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