Production Line Worker – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd shifts


Production Worker

1st, 2nd, & 3rd shifts Available

Overall Responsibility 

The Production Worker is responsible for placing product into final shipping cases and may be assigned to other similar jobs in the processing facility. Duties include final in-process inspection and ensuring that the correct product is being packaged into the proper cases and onto proper pallets.

The processing line crew must be prepared to change direction per customer or internal changes and/or requirements to satisfy processing needs.  Any deviations from the requirements checklist must meet approval from authorizing Manager.  Any deviations from any food safety procedure must meet approval from the Quality Assurance Manager.


Key areas of Responsibility

?        On time punctuality and good attendance

?        Staging of packaging materials including boxes, trays, pallets or labels.

?        Label boxes per customer specifications

?        Palletize product with proper closure per customer specifications

?        Pack boxes per customer specifications

?        Monitor date code and inform operators of illegibility per USDA

?        Move line to line as the flow of the blending changes

?        Keep work area neat and organized and free of trip hazards (banding, pallets, cardboard etc.)

?        Segregate materials and maintain exterior wall spacing

?        Utilize downtime with additional labeling and housekeeping

?        Comply with all food safety procedures, regulatory requirements and process efficiencies

?        Report any food safety issues to any Manager

?        Follow all workplace safety procedures per safety training

?        Clean-up work area at days end including sweeping, eggs off floor, pans pulled and dumped, scrapers and buckets picked up and all removed to the cleaning room. This is mandatory for all crew members

?        Monitor and record product weight checks and date code checks as assigned/required

?        Palletize rejected product as needed and fill out proper documentation on pallet tags

?        Assist co-workers as needed – teamwork

?        Comply with Food Safety and GMP requirements at all times

?        Any and all other duties as assigned

Qualifications & Education Requirements

?        High School Diploma or equivalent

?        Experience in a production environment preferred

Preferred Skills

?        Attention to detail

?        Organizational skills

?        Strong work ethic

?        Good communication skills

Physical Requirements

?        Able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds

?        Frequent lifting up to 15 pounds

?        Extended periods of time standing and walking

?        Frequent repetitive reaching motion with both arms

?        Frequent grasping with hands and fingers

?        Frequent bending and stooping

?        Ability to keep up in fast-paced environment

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