Automation Technician / Mechanic


Automation Technician / Mechanic

$20 – $28/hr. depending on experience

Job Summary:

The Automation Technician uses many of the same skills as a mechanic and/or machinist. It requires hands on skills learned from repairing equipment, machining, fabrication, troubleshooting, assembly, etc. These skills are ideal for helping us build the custom automation equipment that we design.  Working with our engineers and other technicians to help us create our custom automation equipment.  This role involves helping our team assemble, wire, plumb, test run, troubleshoot and repair custom designed automation equipment.  The automation equipment we design incorporates high tech systems such as robots, lasers, dial indexers, pick and place mechanisms, automatic feeders, automatic packaging, induction heating, machining, sawing, welding, forming, pressing, and most anything we can dream up.
Roles & Responsibilities:  Include the following and other duties:

Work alongside automation engineers and technicians to interpret our designs and to then help bring the designs to life.  Study specifications such as viewing our models in SolidWorks, viewing drawings, sketches, models, or descriptions to be able to move forward with the building of the automation equipment.

Manages projects including organization and cleaning.  Able to organize the incoming materials from our machine shop and our outside vendors for the various projects assigned to the position. Calculates dimensions, plans layout, and determines assembly method for putting together the various components of the automation.  Able to verify dimensions, alignments and clearances.

Lifts machine parts and positions and secures parts on surface plate or worktable. Fits and assembles parts together into assemblies and mechanisms.

Able to wire and plumb machines with the guidance of our engineers or technicians. Setup use and trouble shoot basic automation electronics such as sensors, VFD’s etc.

Some experience with setting up and operating machine tools such as lathes, milling machine and welding equipment to machine or fabricate parts.  Able to verify conformance of machined parts to specifications.


Five or more years of experience in a mechanic / manufacturing / machinist environment and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.  Hand on skills you might learn from working on cars, farms, homes, etc.. is a strong bonus.  AS in engineering/technology would also be a plus.


Ability to work with basic high school math concepts.  Able to measure parts accurately withy machinist tools such as calipers, micrometers, etc..


Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

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