Tugger Operator


Tugger Operator


The Tugger Operator is the materials owner for the department that they support. They are peer to the VSTL or “Lead Person” in the department of support. As an equal member of the Tier 2 team they participate in daily management activities and communicate challenges related to material flow and supply chain. They are expected to work consistently to improve the material delivery process within their area of responsibility recognizing their primary customer is the assembler on the line.


Respond to all pulls for material from the cells.
Act as the link from outside partners with internal material controls.
Ensure all transactions for movement of material are executed properly.
Continuously improve the material support function to the Cells.
Identify any material discrepancies and communicate with the team.
Reconcile any identified inventory discrepancies at the time of recognition.
Support any emergency need for materials identified by the cells.
Work to identify root cause of the stock out and work with the cross-functional team to implement solutions to avoid that same cause in the future.
Fill all Kanban pulls from raw material on pitch If for any reason a run cannot be made on time it is your responsibility to elevate the issue and ask for help to recover if necessary.
Execute all Kanban triggers to outside partners.
Identify and communicate any opportunities for improvement.
Actively participate in kaizen and all shift change meetings.
Communicate with the team to ensure all safety issues are documented and brought communicated through the near miss process.


High School Diploma or GED preferred.


Good math skills
Ability to read, write and understand English.
Previous assembly experience preferred.
Strong manual dexterity skills
Detailed oriented.