1st Shift Automation Lead Technician


Automation Lead Technician


1st shift: 4 10-hour days

Salary $65,000-$73,000 depending on experience


Job Overview:

The Custom Automation Lead Technician is a position for technicians with significant knowledge and experience in building and troubleshooting custom automation. The Lead technician will get familiar with the custom automation build and lead the project assembly from ground up. Leading their team, communicating the needs, and the progress with management, while working side by side with teams of mechanical and electrical engineers.


Duties and Responsibilities:

The Automation Lead Technician will be actively working with other technicians, as well as our mechanical and electrical engineering teams, on custom automations projects that are designed and built by our professional team in and delivered to other company facilities throughout the US as well as outside of the country.

The Custom Automation Lead Technician position requires:

  • Leading and overseeing assembly of custom automation projects from the ground up.
  • Setting and achieving aggressive goals for them and their supporting group of technicians on the project they lead.
  • Wiring, plumbing, alignment and troubleshooting of various automation components.
  • Following prints and wiring AC DC cabinets on automation projects.
  • Electrical panels assembly.
  • Working with PLC’s VFD’s SCARA and 6 axis robots.
  • Isolating and troubleshooting custom automation challenges.
  • Organize, prioritize and stage workload for assisting team members.
  • Be able to identify safety issues.
  • Leadership and communication skills.
  • Meeting assigned deadlines for custom automation project deliveries.
  • Ability to easily adopt to changing needs during various stages of the project build.
  • Other responsibilities as required by Supervisor.


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • 10 years of experience working on and troubleshooting automation.
  • Ability to read, understand and follow mechanical and electrical prints.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Exceptional and timely communication.
  • Ability to isolate and resolve custom automation challenges.
  • Computer literacy, familiarity and efficiency in using CAD software (e-drawings), and Microsoft Office (excel, word, outlook, teams).
  • Mechanical and electrical skills necessary to efficiently assemble, wire, plumb, align and troubleshoot custom automation stations.
  • Ability to machine simple operations.
  • Setting aggressive goals and meeting the deadlines set for automation delivery dates.
  • Ability to lead the automation project build and other team members.
  • Ability to prioritize and assign tasks to self and other team members.
  • Self-driven and humble team player.
  • Being respectful and not bringing drama to the workplace.
  • Ability to follow directions.