Cosmetic Sander Operator


Cosmetic Sander Operator


Operate equipment used in the sanding department to machine materials per customer specifications.  Handle in a specified manner to accommodate any cosmetic requirements to meet or exceed customer require specifications.  Responsible for maintaining quality and safety standards, housekeeping, process integrity, monitoring of calibration of all measuring equipment used and monitoring machinery and tools to ensure safe correct and optimum performance, while maintaining professional conduct in the workplace.  Train new associates as required.


Get job assignment and communicate with the previous operator briefly, before the beginning of the shift.

Before starting the machine, perform a quick check to ensure that safe and correct operations of the machine is possible and setup sanding machine as required.

Verify the paperwork, print number, revision levels, operation sequence, materials, program and check sheet are all correct and consistent.

Select proper process to meet all cosmetic criteria, to meet or exceed customer specifications.

Insure that the Parts are consistent with the print, run the first part and check it against the print.

Run jobs in an efficient, organized and safe manner, meeting or exceeding the hourly rate, while following the work instructions on the print and/or work order sequence.  Must clock in and out of the work order and sequence.

Maintain the work flow and perform quality audits as required to ensure that the product meets or exceeds the customer specifications.

Make adjustments as required, with proper authorization.

Change worn or broken belts or pads using appropriate procedures.

Train new associates in basic sanding processes and techniques, as required.

Train other sanding associates in cosmetic processes and techniques as directed by management.

Create processes that will produce parts to the customer specifications the first time through in the most efficient manner.