Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy


Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy

The ideal candidate will:

• Identify and manage pipeline for potential acquisition targets in Medical Device contract manufacturing space aligned with the company’s strategic priorities.

• Establish and nurture relationships with potential sellers, i.e., corporations, entrepreneurs, bankers, investors.

• Collaborate with potential targets’ senior management, functional executives, and finance team to perform a broad range of qualitative and quantitative analyses, including building financial projections and valuation models for acquisition opportunities.

• Quarterback and lead important aspects of a transaction; provide the drive, passion, enthusiasm, and focus to propose and advocate the right acquisition, and push hard to see it through to completion.

• Lead due diligence activities for targets in conjunction with company management and company team members.

• Establish a regular feedback loop with company senior management to closely coordinate regarding input on current pipeline and staying current on focus areas (capabilities, customers, etc.).

• Evaluate value creation opportunities and risks in potential transactions.

• Identify and integrate industry best practices into the M&A processes.

• Act in good faith, on an informed basis and in the best interests of company and its investors by:

Recommending wise investments that grow our business faster than market.

Provide solutions sought after by customers.

Enable sustainable operations that respect the environment and our
community while creating profitable, long-term returns for our stakeholders.

• Share an aligned strategic direction with your teammates and put the interests of the company ahead of personal and professional interests.
• Be action-oriented with an understanding for quality processes and best practices.
• Link effective benchmarking and accretive deals to improved financial performance.
• Role model critical leadership behaviors – humility, integrity, and exercise sound judgement.
• Proactively identify and seek to capture accretive M&A opportunities consistent with the company mission.
• Translate overarching M&A strategy into an effective, measurable, long-term action plan.
• Act as the primary point of contact / tip of spear in discussions with bankers / sellers.
• Lead deal sourcing activities to ensure the pipeline is steadily growing, including a focus on product deals.
• Understanding of financial statements and core financial performance metrics and can explain to all levels of leaders.
• Knowing and understanding which are the drivers of creating investor value.
• Strong financial analysis of capital investments and other strategic initiatives.
• Demonstrate a passion for the value of the companies consumable and semi-consumable products that it provides its technology end markets.
• Partner with the CEO, Chief Commercial Officer, and deal intermediaries (e.g., bankers/brokers) to build the positive reputation of the company’s capabilities as a premier precision outsourced manufacturer of mission-critical, tight tolerance plastic and metal components.
• Demonstrate strong EQ in developing relationships within the company and the external communities it serves.
• Clearly communicate successes, failures, and investment needs to the company senior management team and Board.
• Create and nurture a network of experts across the industry to gain insights, ideas, complimentary, and innovative solutions that will help the company become a world class precision outsourced manufacturer of mission-critical, tight tolerance plastic, and metal components.

In addition to the above Critical Skills and Competencies, our ideal candidate will possess 5-7 years-experience, already familiar with M&A activity and finance.

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