Product Development Engineer


Product Development Engineer

The Product Development Engineer is accountable for the engineering, prototyping, and testing of new leading edge thermal management products.
High importance is placed on executing projects that meet cost targets, qualification and timeline.
Responsibilities include working with customers and sales people on new designs as well as with our R&D team on certain advanced products.

This will include but not be limited to mechanical design, thermal design, specifying attachment methods, material bonding processes, interface materials, finishes, etc. In many cases prototype parts or systems will be required for internal use samples and/or external customer deliverables.

The Product Development Engineer is responsible for the design of prototypes, purchasing of relevant materials, and for concept validation testing.

Product Design, Thermal Solutions:
By working closely with the customer and end application, the Product Development Engineer will design and model system-level thermal solutions for diverse customer applications. He/she will
work through to an optimized customer solution incorporating the companies existing products,
technologies, capabilities, and capacities as well as develop new technologies. The ability to oversee bench level tests and use resulting data to optimize the system is of high importance.
Customer Contact and Communication:
The Product Development Engineer is a key contact for customers and sales people alike. He/she will work closely with multiple contacts developing new opportunities from concept to production.
Conference calls, account visits, product training, and hosting customer visits are all frequent
Specifications, Drawings, Bills Material:
The Product Development Engineer is accountable to assure that the project plans include a full
documentation package that includes but is not limited to Specifications, Drawings, Bills of Material, etc.
Tooling and Fixturing Specifications:
The Product Development Engineer will work closely with Manufacturing Engineering to assure that any special fixturing and tooling specifications and requirements are clearly understood.
Job Complexity / Decision Making:
This is a complex position requiring interaction with the multiple team players at different
locations and high level decision making