1st Shift

$15 – $22+, Depending on experience.


To provide the Quality function and the company a higher technical skill [in the ability to train, program and maintain/repair that which they are skilled in] that required further education or an extended period of time to develop. This “skill” will be utilized/shared in addition to performing all normal duties of a Quality Auditor.


Perform all duties associated with Quality Auditor function including Receiving, In Process, Final Inspection and FAI’s, as required or needed.

Perform or assist with Internal Audits, as needed or requested.

Operate all available inspection equipment including CMM, Micro-Hite, Vision System, Optical Comparator, Hardness Tester and typical hand tools used to perform inspection functions

Train employees as directed by supervisor, through shop wide technical support (including programming, editing, and maintenance).  Promote the use of any specialized equipment or software associated with training or required Quality Auditor skills. (Examples of specialized skills or training are CMM/Vision System programming, Quantum SPC programming and file maintenance or Inspection Equipment Calibration and Repair.)

Other duties as assigned or as requested by Supervisor or Management Team

IV.  Job Qualifications

1.  Educational Background –  High School  plus 3 years’ experience outside as a Quality Technician as including the meeting of all requirements of a Quality Auditor.

2.  Special Skills and Abilities (computer, language, interpersonal skills, etc.) Computer literacy (Excel) and Oracle. Interpersonal skills for effective training of others and interaction with customers and suppliers.

3.   Licenses Needed, Certifications, Special Training Courses – As needed to maintain qualification or maintain skill level.

4. Aerospace and Defense products experience Is preferred.