1st Shift Packer (4-day workweek)


1st Shift Packer (4-day workweek)
Overall Responsibility:
The Packer is responsible for placing packaged product into final shipping cases. This position provides the final inspection and ensures that the correct product is being packaged into the proper cases.
Key areas of Responsibility:
• This position is shift work and on-time performance is imperative.
• Check the board daily for date codes and accuracy
• Ensure cartons are printed with correct date codes. Inspect one carton for every 15 packed -minimum.
• Pack product into cases
• Apply labels to cases
• Always keep work area clean . Clean up egg matter, paper, banding straps, etc when time allows and always prior to any breaks
• Assist co-workers as needed
• Attend safety training, use PPE’s as required and put safe practices into place every day
• Always comply with Food Safety and GMP requirements
Qualifications & Education Requirements
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Experience in a production environment preferred
Preferred Skills
• Attention to detail
• Strong work ethic
• Good communication skills
Physical Requirements
• Able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
• Stand on your feet for extended periods of time

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