Manufacturing Engineer-CNC


Manufacturing Engineer-CNC

Position Overview

·       Implements safe, cost-effective manufacturing processes in a Lean environment.

·       Coordinates with other departments to drive the organization to be the best in class.

·       Designs tooling, jigs, dies, and fixtures.

·       Works with the tool room personnel or outside vendors to coordinate the manufacture of tooling or fixtures.

·       Participates in Kaizen activities to implement Lean initiatives in the facility.

·       Supports the shop by eliminating production problems, clarifying specifications, improving processes and reducing defects.


Duties and Responsibilities

·       Works in the Manufacturing Engineering Department to provide safe, cost-effective manufacturing processes which supply a first pass quality product to our customers on time.

·       Supports the manufacturing department by providing assistance for process, equipment, tooling and design related issues.

·       Develops new products in coordination with the central design and marketing departments.

·       Implement capital projects in support of the facility objectives.

·       Evaluate, develop, propose and implement projects to ensure the facility is meeting the current and future needs of the company.

·       Ensure the safety of our workforce by understanding, believing and supporting the concept of safety being the number one priority by such methods as considering ergonomics and other safety factors when developing or updating processes, workstations, etc…

·       Maintain the product engineering database which includes bills of materials, product routings cost files, etc.…

·       Resolves problems using solutions that involve new techniques, technologies, or concepts.

·       Implement activities to design new processes, modify existing designs, improve production techniques and develop test procedures.

·       Analyzes technology trends, human resource needs, and market demand to plan projects.

·       Confers with management, production, and marketing staff to determine engineering feasibility, cost effectiveness, and customer demand for new and existing products.

·       Advises management of new developments which may affect profit, schedule, costs customer relations, and/or inter-departmental relations.

·       Maintains a working knowledge of new technologies which may improve operations and develops recommendations accordingly.

·       Maintains and practices a thorough knowledge of safety policies, procedures and regulations.

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering – General