Order Coordinator


Order Coordinator

1st shift – 8am to 5pm – M-F


Coordinate and manage the processing of Sales Orders to Warehouse for outbound shipping and maintain inventory integrity between physical and system values.

Detail Responsibilities:
1. Review open sales orders and evaluate inbound goods, on hand goods, and delegate to team members the Sales Orders that are to be processed in a timely fashion.
2. Ensure orders are properly entered with correct “ship to” details, Sales Terms, and Shipping Method according to Vendor Guidelines.
3. Ensure orders are properly allocated to the correct inventory.
4. Work with Customer Service department on problem orders, such as goods won’t arrive on time; and help facilitate Customer changes such as ship date changes, quantity changes, etc.
5. Coordinate with EDI inbound order team to ensure EDI’s are received in properly and timely.
6. Coordinate with Inbound Traffic Manager to prioritize inbound shipments.
7. Communicate with Outbound Traffic Manager on orders to come for submission for routing in a timely and effective manner.
8. Work with Sales/management staff on providing weekly and monthly projection goals and meeting goals.
9. Review Vendor Guides for updates to ensure 100% customer compliance.

Educational and/or professional qualifications:
Strong leadership and personnel management skills. Attention to detail, Microsoft Office, to include Excel. Experience in ERP software application and experience in order fulfillment a plus.

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