Outbound Processor


Outbound Processor

All Shifts Available

$11.50/hr. plus applicable shift premiums.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Outbound Processors may do some or all of the tasks below.

Ø  Perform within the established Production and Quality standards.

Ø  Accurately process and pick/pack all orders, including orders needing special packaging.

Ø  To assist in the accurate and complete picking from stock items for all store orders and for other departments.

Ø  Replenish product on a daily basis, including assisting to ensure accuracy and timeliness, scan returned customer product for put-away.

Ø  Ability to operate computer based systems that are operating in the Outbound Fulfillment department

Ø  Transfer and document receipt, including assisting to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Ø  Maintain and replenish primary locations from secondary, maintain primary and secondary spreadsheet.

Ø  Operate the hand held RF Scanner

Ø  Operate the Vertical Lift.

Completion of Safety Sign off sheets for applicable equipment.


Ø  Assist in the physical inventory of the finished goods area.

Ø  Printing of new customer labels as needed.

Ø  Canceling of customer invoices as instructed. Sortation of incoming invoices.

Ø  Check for product quality based on customer’s request.

Ø  Work with the Inventory Supervisor to adjust and organize SKU’s as necessary.

Ø  Responsible to assist other departments as required.


Ø  High School Diploma or equivalent

Ø  3 months experience (will train)

Ø  Completion of Zenger Miller Communications Training and Phone Technique Training (will provide)

Ø  Proper product handling (will train)

Ø  Prior experience in a production job a plus


Ø  Able to stand for extended periods of time

Ø  Good eyesight and number perception – not apt to transpose numbers.

Ø  20/20 corrected vision

Ø  Able to perform repetitious work all day

Ø  Excellent organizational skills.

Ø  Flexibility to bend and stretch

Ø  Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs, more with assistance

Ø  Able to work in a Team Environment.

Ø  Operations of support machinery (Combi box maker, Air pillow inflators)

Ø  Able to use computer operated systems to run machinery and/or equipment

Ø  Basic math skills

Ø  Possess accurate counting abilities

Ø  Able to use a calculator

Ø  Ability to perform task’s using shoulders, elbows, wrists, etc. all day (repetitive motion).

Ø  Detail oriented.

Ø  Excellent level of accuracy and consistency

Ø  Good communication skills

Ø  Ability to work overtime as needed.

Ø  Able to climb/work on ladders at slightly elevated levels.

Ø  Good coordination and speed

Ø  Ability to reach a compromise in group decision making

Ø  Cooperates will with others

Ø  Positive attitude toward co-workers

Ø  Ability to work inter-dependently with other members of the team on reaching production and team goals

Ø  Excellent track record of dependability

Ø  Demonstrate flexibility in terms of assuming new or changed tasks and responsibilities