Quality Assurance Inspector – 1st & 2nd Shift


Quality Assurance – Inspector (1st & 2nd Shift)

These are direct hire positions!

Position Overview

Under general supervision, performs diversified inspection of production parts, such as Request for Inspection, first piece, receiving, patrol, final proof sampling, etc…  May work on company or purchased parts, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs detailed first piece inspection on items that are newly produced products or parts.  May also do some pilot-run inspection procedures.  Does critical dimensional inspections covering all production departments.

Must be able to perform the following:

Use and apply statistical sampling plans as directed.

Read prints and understand product drawings and specifications and properly apply same.

Has a basic understanding of GD&T symbols.

Maintain detailed records such as quality control charts, logs, sheets, proof sampling, reject forms, reports, statistical sampling, process capability, charting histograms and quality reports.

Knows generally company standards, catalogues, and applications for performance to inspection.

Performs detailed first-piece inspections (FAIR/PSIR/QCIP)

Performs in process and sampling inspection of parts and assemblies produced from all forms of processing operations (machining, assembly, plating, etc.)

Uses all types of inspection equipment to obtain measurements created by the assembly of two or more components.  Includes calipers, micrometers, fixed gauges, comparators, etc., measuring angular differences and all other dimensional checkouts.

Use Microsoft Word and Excel as necessary for creating/maintaining inspection documents.

Test mechanisms for clearance and freedom of movement and use statistical sampling plan as directed and maintain detailed data records as required.

Pull up relevant files (drawings, specifications, ECO’s, Deviations, Work Instructions, etc.) in enterprise software (i.e., Agile and SAP).

Understands and follows the Quality Manual and understands how this manual relates to the requirements of various external agencies such as ISO, NUPIC and CSA.

Skills and Experience:

To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each of the duties/responsibilities

Make dimensional inspection decisions that decide relative values, such as degree to which items are “off standard”, such as how much, how deep, how long, frequency, etc.

Make visual inspections checking for burrs, finish, color, deformities, flash, part damage, etc.

Must read prints and drawings and properly apply same.

Performs other related duties as required.


High School Diploma