Quality Manager


Quality Manager

Position Overview

Manage the overall Quality Management System.

Identify and create MOJ’s for equipment critical to department function.  Consider new technology being discussed for manufacturing and decide if corresponding new inspection equipment is needed as well.

Cross trained to fill in for all other Quality dept members as needed.  This means understanding very well what each department member deals with on a day-to-day basis.

Write work instructions as needed for new equipment or oversee that work instructions are created by other department members.

Translate GD&T for vendors or other Burndy employees.

Work closely with corporate NPD projects, particularly Application Tooling, giving guidance up front that will prevent problems down the line.

Collect data and provide analysis.


Duties and Responsibilities

Manage 6-10 employees. Responsible for hiring, firing, promotion MOJs, new position MOJ’s, annual performance appraisals.  Deal with medical leaves of absence, counsel employees for personal life issues.

Advocate for group members as needed within facility, help demonstrate their capabilities to management to give advancement opportunities as appropriate.

Coordinate and balance department priorities with Plant Mgmt., Application Tooling Mfg., Connectors Mfg., Tool Assy, Incoming inspections, in-process inspections, PSIR process, trial material runs, notifications.

Bring new measurement technology into the department.

Oversee ongoing training of all department employees.

Ensure that calibration system is being well managed.

Ensure department members are sufficiently cross trained.

Participate in monthly Safety Committee meetings.

Perform 5S audits around the plant.

Create work requests as needed to address department equipment issues.

Manage and respond to customer complaints.  Actively participate in troubleshooting, analysis and failure reproduction of major tooling customer complaints or warranty issues.

Work with outside vendors to maintain calibration/service contracts for equipment.

Oversee repair of damaged measurement equipment and purchase of new, as needed, for the plant.

Inter-Department Communication and Management

Coordinate internal and external plant audit activities with the Management Team so Littleton is prepared for upcoming audits.

Personally take care of external auditors.  UL, ISO, Nupic, Hydro Quebec, CSA, Intertec.

Open/close CARs, be sure that process maps are filled out and correct.

Run Quarterly Management Review meeting.

Maintain the OSC system.

Oversee ECO updates to all work instructions and work instruction table of contents to maintain compliance.

Take an active role in the factory.  Provide support as needed for all manufacturing engineers.  machine operators, supervisors, planners and managers.

Oversee daily updates to Plant Visual Management Board and Cell Visual Management Boards

Provide monthly data to Manchester for scrap/repair rates.

Work closely with the Physical Inventory team each year to prepare for PI.  I also take part in the company PI as an inventory counter.

Troubleshoot tool assembly and process problems either in partnership with relevant manufacturing engineer or by myself, as needed.

Provide Quality approval for all ECOs and Deviations related to Factory products.

Work closely with Manchester UL and CSA contacts.

Take part in vendor visits for qualification and capability assessment of Suppliers.

Participate in vendor visits to vendors to discuss Quality requirements.

Give plant tours as needed to visitors.

Actively participated with Operations team Strategy Session.

Lead Auditor and/or Audit Team leader for internal audits

Work with other Quality members to learn and prepare for ISO 9001:2015

Actively take part in the NPD process.  Work closely with design engineers, marketing, and management.  Provide guidance on opportunities for improvement in the development process as well as testing methodology and reproduction of market failures. Actively participate in weekly NPD meetings.

Bring Plant managers together to prepare for important issues reviews.

Initiate and oversee Quality Dept CAPEX projects.


Skills and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in either a business or Engineering discipline.

Previous leadership experience required.

Knowledge of ISO 9001 strongly preferred.

Background and experience working in manufacturing environments.