Rough Mill Floor Supervisor


Rough Mill Floor Supervisor

Primary Function:

Supervise the set-up and operation of the mill for the best possible use of rough lumber to meet production requirements. Mark rough lumber for defects and best possible machining. Skilled in various rough mill machinery and able to train new employees.

Essential Duties:

The following are the essential job duties, but this job description does not preclude the performance of other duties as assigned by the supervisor:

·       Rough Mill Floor Supervisor will arrive at 6am daily to set-up the production and trial runs for all department machines, including the Optimizer, for best use of lumber and part output while maintaining quality standards.

·       Marks rough lumber to out-cut defects and for best production use of rough lumber.

·       Uses knowledge and skill to help feeders and tailers run parts successfully on the various machines set-up.

·       Selects and replaces woodworking cutting and finishing tools such as saw blades, knives, drills, router bits, shaper and molder blades, etc.

·       Measures and visually inspects parts for defects.  Notify plant manager of defective parts in a timely manner.

·       Follow all applicable quality procedures.

·       Must be able to read and comprehend and correctly complete all paperwork required with the job, including blueprints, drawings, and written specifications.

·       Must follow all company work policies and procedures including all safety requirements of the job.

·       Inform plant manager about problems that occur.

·       Possess the ability to work effectively with co-workers in a team environment

·       Maintain a clean and orderly working environment

·       Perform other duties as assigned by the plant manager.

Special Skills and/or Experience:

Experienced in and understands woodworking cutting and forming machines, including correct tool and work part feeds, speeds, and depth of cuts.

Physical Requirements/Work Environment:

Rough Mill Floor Supervisor must possess the ability to stand and move for their required work period. It is an essential function of the tasks in this job to be able to bend, stretch, lift, twist, and reach with the body, arms and legs and have the ability to see details at close range. It is also essential to possess good coordination between hands, arms and legs etc, to safely change woodworking cutting tools, feed, tail and operate machines.