Woodworker I


Woodworker I

1st shift M-F 7AM-3:30PM

$13-$17/hr. depending on experience.



In this role, you will perform basic woodworking tasks, furniture assembly, and finishing tasks. You will also be responsible for operating woodworking machinery and inspecting parts for defects. This is an entry-level position with opportunities for progression based on job knowledge and business needs. No previous work experience is required, making this an excellent opportunity for those looking to start a career in woodworking.


  • Sort and feed lumber into woodworking machines such as re-rip and gang-rip saws, and planers.
  • Operate simple woodworking machines such as single drill, band saw, and edge sander.
  • Perform basic finishing and assembly tasks such as sealing/sanding, squaring and fitting drawer parts, and furniture frame building.
  • Package finished furniture and load trailers for shipment.
  • Measure and visually inspect parts for defects, notifying supervisor of any issues in a timely manner.
  • Operate woodworking equipment such as CNC’s, simple saws, and other manufacturing machinery.


  • No previous work experience required.
  • Knowledge and experience with measuring devices is desirable.
  • Ability to stand and move for extended periods.
  • Ability to perform physical tasks such as bending, stretching, lifting, and twisting.
  • Good coordination between hands, arms, and legs to safely operate machinery and woodworking equipment.