Name: DawnMEvans Email: Phone: 928-301-7967 Shifts Available: First Position Applied for:J-Pac 1st shift Special Skills:

I have ample Computer skills. I am able to do shipping/receiving procedures. I have much office experience. I can track shipments. I can work a stock room. I work well independently. I follow procedure and instruction well. I can do assembly work. I have much experience on a variety of social media platforms as well as website building skills on plug and play company sites (Go Daddy, Homestead, Etc.)

I have run successful, profitable and organized taxicab shifts with a crew of two others, overnights on the weekends. Busiest shifts of the week were handed to me, along with the phone and I ran it smoothly and efficiently.

I have proficient computer and word processing skills. I have experience in secretarial work, personal assisting, and other varied fields, including but not limited to ? Landscaping, Screen Printing, shipping &Receiving, Food Service, Assembly Piece Work, Herbal Medicine, Event Planning and Negotiation, Manual Labor and Retail. I have experience with the Interior Design industry, ordering fabrics, inventory, consulting with companies and clients. I have great social skills and work wonderfully with the public. I have good problem resolution skills.

I am a reliable employee who is personable and responsible. I work very well independently and am great at multi-tasking. I was also the VP of my local Sustainability Club in Rollinsford, NH. I helped to create events, manage the rental of garden spaces at our local garden plot, attend meetings, make decisions and communicate with the local Selectmen of the Town.

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