Name: DylanPSkinner Email: Phone: 603-923-7616 Shifts Available: First, Third Position Applied for:Overnight Medical Packager Special Skills:

I am team player that always has a great attitude and never complains about the work assigned (even if the assigned job is not one I’ve trained for). I am a well organized, ambitious, and motivated individual. That always looks to improve and better my work performance to accomplish the company’s mission. I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to best assist the company such as covering shifts, working overtime, and moving to different shifts and jobs. Due to both my military and retail experience. I am skilled with assembling and disassembling weapon systems and military equipment, experienced with ordering product using bar scanning software, able to lift and carry very heavy weight, proficient in working as a team and maintaining great customer service, and experienced in working different shifts and for long hours while maintaining excellent work performance.

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